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Events in Milan and surroundings: detail

to March 31 2019



MUDEC PHOTO, the new exhibition venue of the Museo delle Culture (Museum of Cultures) devoted to fine art photography. MUDEC PHOTO combines artistic research of the highest level with the narrative potential of the so-called “eighth art”. From 16 December 2018 the venue will come alive with two major temporary exhibitions per year and a series of activities related to the world of photography.

The Cultural Department of the Municipality of Milan, MUDEC and 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE, in collaboration with SUDEST57, have entrusted the opening of MUDEC PHOTO to the genius and sensibility of the great American photographer, Steve McCurry, with Animals, an exhibition project especially created for the Museo delle Culture. Curated by Biba Giacchetti, the exhibition will remain open to the public until 31 March 2019.