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Events in Milan and surroundings: detail

to September 01 2019



Turn yourself into an archer in the XV century and discover the many secrets of the falconiera tower. Discover the virtual reality experience we created for the Sforza Castle in Milan.
Beyond the Gate is a start-up focusing on edutainment and virtual reality. We develop multiplayer experiences are addressed to students and families and are fully interactive. Ranging from the human body to the italian reinassance, we build worlds where you can learn and explore.
Walk through the portal and leave for another dimension. Your mind and body are now immersed in an unknown world. Listen, watch, touch the surroundings. Use your senses to unearth hidden truths.
In this adventure, you’re the hero. Are you ready to defend the castle with bow and arrows? Are you able to trigger a cell mitosis? Move around in the physical space to make great things happen in the virtual one.
Your friends will always be on your side to share the adventure with you. Are you ready to walk through the portal with them? Up to 3 people can take part to the experience at the same time.

from 29/03/2018 to 01/09/2019
from Wednesday to Sunday, (Monday and Tuesday closed)


Piazza Castello, Castello Sforzesco